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Idiopathic Hypersomnia – A comprehensive review

Compared to the advances in narcolepsy research there has unfortunately not been a lot of meaningful progress made with idiopathic hypersomnia. This is due to several reasons. One issue is that the MSLT was considered the ‘gold standard’ with regards to diagnosing idiopathic hypersomnia and narcolepsy however research has shown not only it’s inadequacy in diagnosing idiopathic hypersomnia and narcolepsy without cataplexy (now known as narcolepsy type 2 [N2]) but also its inability to accurately distinguish N2 from idiopathic hypersomnia. Consequently, a lot of the work that has been done has not advanced the epidemiological, etiological or pathophysiological understanding of idiopathic hypersomnia thus our knowledge has not moved on much further from what we have learnt from Bedrich Roth’s original work.... Click here to read our comprehensive review of how we have gone from the identification of Idiopathic Hypersomnia to where we are now. Drawn from 54 references, including over 40 peer reviewed papers and book chapters on Idiopathic Hypersomnia and Narcolepsy that span more than 6 decades as well as numerous personal conversations with the world's leading Idiopathic Hypersomnia researchers. 

This review is also relevant if you are treating patients with Narcolepsy Type 2 (without cataplexy) or are a patient yourself. 

World Sleep 2017

The 2017 World Sleep Congress is underway in Prague. Thank you and good luck to those presenting and chairing re; Idiopathic Hypersomnia including the Czech host and keynote speaker, Soňa Nevšímalová. She will give a keynote speech on hypersomnia; 'Central Hypersomnias Through the Eyes of Time.' Also, those involved in the symposium, “Idiopathic hypersomnia: a neglected disorder” > 
Chair: I. Arnulf, France
Speakers: I. Arnulf, France; K. Sonka, Czech Republic; D. Rye, United States; G. Mayer, Germany

There will also be a daylong course touching on aspects of sleep medicine and research and will include a discussion on Idiopathic Hypersomnia by Dr. Rye.

Fingers crossed there are some Australian sleep physicians attending the symposium and course.

World Sleep 2017 Program

Sleep Health in Patients with Sleep Disorders Survey

We conducted an online survey, "Sleep Health in Patients with Sleep Disorders". The aim of the survey was to get a snapshot of the sleep health of people diagnosed with sleep disorders, including information pertaining to their sleep habits, how much people with sleep disorders know about sleep health, what they have been advised by their doctors, and what they think they should have been told. 

Thank you to all those that participated. 

The last question in our survey asked;
What is your biggest concern/hurdles you face or issues you think need addressing?

"It took years for a GP to take me seriously and refer me to a sleep specialist.  I wish someone had told me at the beginning that even with a diagnosis and medication, I would not be 'fixed'. That lifestyle changes are inevitable and necessary, and not to fight so hard to live a 'normal' life."

This is an example of the response we got from someone diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Click here for more examples and information relating to the results of the survey.

Dr Bhatia and Anne discuss Idiopathic Hypersomnia

In this video on GMTV UK, Dr Anu Bhatia is spot on with the 3 main symptoms of the complete form of Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Prolonged nighttime sleep (typically 12-14hrs), difficultly waking up and feeling unrefreshed and disorientated (sleep drunkenness) and excessive daytime *sleeping* - actually sleeping during the day not just tired or sleepy. Anna the young women in the video who is diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia says something I'm sure everyone with Idiopathic Hypersomnia can relate to:

"It's the everyday reality that I just feel I'm not getting as much out of life as I could be, because I'm tired or because I'm sleeping for half the day where I would rather be doing something else." - Anne

Thank you and Good Luck!

The 2017 Peoples Choice Credit Union Community Lottery is now closed. Thank you for your support. 
The lucky prize winners will be published at www.communitylottery.com.au and in the Adelaide Sunday Mail on 8 October 2017. L
Click here for a list of the winners. 

Daytime Sleepiness - Finding the Cause

Hypersomnolence Australia is often asked questions like “what tests should I ask my doctor for?” and “what else should my doctor consider could be the cause of my sleepiness?” So we decided who better to ask than a doctor! From that discussion we complied a list of the most common causes of daytime sleepiness to help patients and doctors find the cause. 

Have you had these possible causes of daytime sleepiness ruled out?

Check the list out here or

Click on the link for your copy of "Daytime Sleepiness - Finding the Cause" that you can print out and share it with your doctor. 

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