Beware of Rogue Online Drug Suppliers

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Hypersomnolence Australia receives many inquiries or reads stories from people who suspect they may have Idiopathic Hypersomnia, another sleep disorder or have questions about their diagnosis or treatment. While we may provide information and support we always encourage those people to seek advice and to direct questions to appropriate medical professionals.

It can often be a long and frustrating journey to a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. We are aware that people can become impatient with the process or are not satisfied with the medical advice they have been given.

We are also aware that this frustration can lead to self diagnosis or suggestions of certain diagnosis or treatments from other people in online forums or from information found on the internet. We also receive inquiries regarding the purchase of medications online or have been provided with web links to websites selling medications. We are also aware of members within our community that are all too willing to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and desperate for support, advice and treatment. If you are approached by anyone offering cheap medication or are aware of websites selling prescription medications please contact the appropriate authorities.

Hypersomnolence Australia in no way supports or endorses the purchase of drugs or medications online through unregistered pharmacies. All drugs, medications or supplements can have side effects or interactions with other medications or supplements you may be taking. If you are considering ordering medications online we urge you to seek medical advice from an appropriate medical professional preferably from the doctor you are currently in the care of.

Unregistered online drug suppliers may sell medications not approved for supply in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). These drugs therefore have not gone through the TGA's strict safety, quality and efficacy standards. While some of the drug websites may look sophisticated & professional if they are not registered pharmacies they are not approved by the TGA, therefore their claims are not officially endorsed by the TGA or by medical professionals.

Reputable Online Pharmacies

• Will require a valid Australian issued prescription from your GP or Specialist Doctor in order to dispense prescription medicines. Beware of sites that sell medicines without requiring a valid prescription or suggest ways to avoid customs requirements.

• Will provide an Australian street address and phone number. Some sites may appear Australian and/or are managed by an Australian resident but are actually registered overseas and are therefore out of the jurisdiction of Australian authorities. This could leave you without any recourse if something was to go wrong either with the sale or with the medication itself.

• Will have a Licensed Pharmacist available to answer your questions or concerns.

• Will protect your personal information including medical history and financial details eg. banking or credit card you provide. Sites offering payment methods by virtual currency eg. Bitcoin are a red flag.

• Will not make claims of the amazing effectiveness of the drugs they supply, suggest medical conditions that can be treated or suggest medication dosages.

• Will not offer free samples, provide vouchers or bonus packs of prescription medication.

• Will not provide information series, product information, fact sheets or safety data produced by themselves that is unofficial and/or not certified product information or advertisement by the TGA and from the registered manufacturer for supply in Australia.

• Will not send unsolicited emails or provide deals too good to be true. Some websites may seem legitimate at first glance but if they have to insist how legal they are, how safe they are to buy from or spin a sales pitch then they most likely are not.

For more information visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration