17. Apr, 2015

Research Opportunity for Idiopathic Hypersomnia & Narcolepsy

"Health and Wellbeing in those with and without a Disorder of Daytime Sleepiness"

This project is seeking to compare the general health and wellbeing of people among various groups: narcolepsy with cataplexy, narcolepsy without cataplexy, idiopathic hypersomnia and people without a disorder of daytime sleepiness. Research has found that general health and wellbeing may be reduced in people with a daytime sleepiness disorder. We will examine this, and also specifically consider whether the presence of the cataplexy symptom in narcolepsy is associated with a different level of general health and wellbeing (and some symptoms such as pain and migraines) compared with people with narcolepsy and no cataplexy, people with idiopathic hypersomnia and people without either narcolepsy or cataplexy.

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