29. Feb, 2016

Hypersomnolence Australia would like to introduce our first official sponsor!

We are pleased to announce Head2Toe - Physiotherapy & Podiatry as an official sponsor of Hypersomnolence Australia.

Head2Toe-Physiotherapy & Podiatry is a clinic in Moonee Ponds Melbourne and is its 10th year of operation. Richard Watson, director and physiotherapist at Head2Toe said “The key to our success and the point of difference between us and some other clinics is our focus on the patient rather than the clock.

We offer 30 minute, one-on-one appointments with skilled, experienced therapists who will assess and treat your condition on the day. We do not treat two or even three patients at once, while you lie alone on a hot pack. At head2Toe, our aim is simple: Excellent, professional, one-on-one patient-focussed care.”

We are happy to personally recommend Head2Toe to anyone looking for physiotherapy or podiatry services in Melbourne. We appreciate their support and hope that our supporters do too. Please check out Head2Toe’s Facebook page and “like” and share it with your contacts and if you make an appointment let them know that you heard about them from Hypersomnolence Australia

For an appointment call 03 9326-0168.

Head2Toe Website