28. Jun, 2016

People are desperate for information about Hypersomnia!

Since our website was launched in June 2013 we have had over 200,000 unique visits! That’s amazing considering our website was built by ourselves from a do it yourself template. It has no Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and no Mega Tags. We don’t have the advice of website professionals on SEO so we don’t write with “keywords” in mind and there is no list of key words on our site.
It is clear to us that our website has been found despite its less than obvious presence on the net because people are desperate for information about Idiopathic Hypersomnia and Hypersomnia in general. We know we fill a void in a world of sleep medicine and associated organisations that seem obsessed with respiratory sleep disorders and to a lesser extent insomnia and the effects of shift work. While these issues are important they are clearly no more important than the effects of Hypersomnia.

We would like everyone that has visited our website, left a comment, filled in our patient survey or contacted us directly to know that we take the time to read every word, your concerns are heard and they are valid. It is frustrating that while we remain unfunded we cannot address as many issues as we would like. It is clear that we need a purpose built website, one that is capable of providing more information that is more easily accessible. We started fundraising with this goal in mind last October and we won’t stop until we have achieved this.
Thank you to all of our supporters. Without your support and encouragement we couldn’t continue to push for the recognition and attention people with Hypersomnia so desperately need and deserve.