Hypersomnolence Australia's new logo represents HOPE!

You may be wondering how our new logo relates to Hypersomnolence Australia or indeed Idiopathic Hypersomnia.

This is the story behind our logo design....

The problem with getting a logo has been mostly due to us getting the right logo. Designers came up with various ideas however sleepy themes just didn't seem right. There isn't anything "disordered" about the sleep in someone with IH, in fact the only thing wrong with it is that people with IH require enormous amounts of sleep and yet they still wake up feeling like they haven't slept at all. So if anything sleepy theme logos just reminded us of the one thing we hate more than anything else - that we are consumed by sleep. The logos with the stars and the moon and other night time sleepy themes were probably the most inappropriate or irrelevant because people with IH have no trouble sleeping at anytime of the day and night, also when they sleep they sleep deeply. People with IH don't hope for a good night’s sleep because they know that's not their problem. People with IH struggle to wake up and stay awake, what they hope for when they go to sleep is that they wake up bright & refreshed and that they will stay that way. Therefore our logo represents HOPE. The hope that all people with Idiopathic Hypersomnia will one day wake up feeling as alive and as bright as the sunrise in our logo.